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4.1 225 reviews

Boxall Taxis

4.1 225 reviews
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Unit 2, Wilbury Court., 29 Wilbury Way., Hitchin, Hertfordshire
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Embark on seamless airport transportation with Boxall Taxis, your trusted partner for reliable and stress-free journeys. Explore the charm of North Hertfordshire while ensuring convenient travel experiences to and from the airport.
Appreciate the beauty of the region's architecture, markets, and green spaces, knowing that dependable transportation awaits. With various options available, Boxall Taxis stands out for its door-to-door service, flexible scheduling, and modern amenities.
Choose Boxall Taxis for professional drivers, affordable rates, and a commitment to excellence in transportation services. Trust us to make every journey secure, smooth, and memorable, whether you're traveling for business or leisure.
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225 reviews
salome mikosi
10 Days ago
Baz is an amazing driver with excellent customer care he treat clients with respect . He is an amazing driver he is got passion in his work . Very good driver Is such a pleasure to be in car .
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Marion Wharton
25 Days ago
Sadly for the first time, I was let down . I ordered a taxi after back surgery prevented me driving to my dental appointment. The request was accepted and pre payment also. The driver did not show and I was not informed. When I telephoned the lady said oh your driver has got held up and won’t be coming. She then ordered another who arrived within 10 minutes, but now I was so late for my dental appointment it caused issues. I am unhappy as I was not informed of any issues before it was too late. I have used Boxalls many times even from Gatwick airport , so far I have not been let down, but of course this causes a lack of confidence for future trips 🥲
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3 Months ago
I booked a taxi through Boxall website to take me to a medical appointment and to take me back home afterwards. I was given an 'on meter' quote for both journeys which I accepted. I rang to speak to them to confirm the booking to ensure they had all the details and that it was booked. I rang again the day before the booking to see if I could pay for it over the phone beforehand to make the whole experience easier - they were not able to take payments over the phone. On the morning of the trip I waited at the gate 10 minutes earlier than their due arrival time having settled my pets in the house. I then received a call from Boxall asking it I wanted the taxi! They had not even dispatched the taxi and clearly could not be with me at the due time. Eventually they agreed to send a taxi and said 'not to worry, no problems' - it would be with me in about 15 minutes, clearly not possible given the distance. I had no alternative but to wait but strongly impressed the importance of my attending the (private) appointment failing which a full consultant charge would have been payable. A taxi finally arrived and the driver did his best but I was 18 minutes late for the appointment. To rub salt in the wounds the cost for the outward trip was nearly 20GBP more than the quote-which I had to pay to avoid losing even more time of my allotted appointment with an argument. The return journey also cost me nearly 5GBP more than the quote. The whole episode was appalling and their telephonist was dismissive of their failures. I shall never book this company again!
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Ginger Lea
4 Months ago
Prepaid for my pick up. After a 10.5 hour flight, I was straight out and on time for my booked taxi. The taxi was 80 minutes away, according to the app. So I called up. I was told he was 20 minutes away and that I should have put the flight time arrival in and not the time I put in. (For info, I put in 35 mins after flight landing time and wrote the flight number and flight arrival time into the notes) The taxi was not there either way. The lady on the phone called me ‘madam’ and asked if I wanted to cancel. I had already paid, so that’s not ideal and also, please don’t call me ‘madam’, it’s rude. She told me she had read the notes on my booking but seemingly neither time was helpful to her. 40 minutes later, I called again as no one had contacted me and I was told to go to 3rd floor in the car park. I had to call every time. No one called me. When the driver finally arrived, he didn’t apologise for being late and when we got to my stop, he got out to get my bag out, dropped it beside me and the only word he said to me was ‘bye’. Awful service. Especially after such a long flight. From this experience, I wouldn’t recommend. EDIT: I received a phone call on the back of this comment and Raj talked me through the company policies and how good they are generally and apologised for the service on this occasion. I was satisfied with the resolve and he/they are confident they can be much better when I use them next time. Thank you
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Elizabeth G
1 Month ago
Reliable, fast, friendly service. AJ was a great driver, and is a fantastic asset to the company, will definitely book again and recommend AJ
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Choose Boxall Taxis for professional drivers, affordable rates, and a commitment to excellence in transportation services. Trust us to make every journey secure, smooth, and memorable, whether you're traveling for business or leisure.
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