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Wildlife Rescue
We are passionate about Wildlife Conservation and the Protection of all animals,
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367 reviews
9 Months ago
One day, I noticed that one of the wood pigeons who come to my garden looked sick and kept seeking my help (I know how this sounds, I’m very cynical about these sort of things but he kept coming to the patio, close to the house, which he never did before, and every time I went out to try and catch him he’d eventually get scared and fly away only to return back to my patio, again and again). Anyway, I caught the pigeon and took him to this Wildlife centre (the local vet who refused to help him suggested it). He had canker. I told the wildlife centre that I’d like to release him back in my garden when he got well. Eight weeks later they called me to go pick him up. This was a couple of months ago. Since then, he’s happy in my garden and got a bit fat. He also got married 😀. Here’s a photo taken 30 mins ago with pigeon and his wife. He’s the one in the bird bath ❤️. I did make a donation to the centre, but I would have done so even if they couldn’t save fat pigeon. We took/take so much from animals so I want to give back whenever I can. I’ve asked all my friends to not buy me any birthday presents but to donate to this wildlife centre instead. It breaks my heart to think pigeon would have died a slow death if it wasn’t for them
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Maxine Draper
3 Months ago
I was walking with my friend along the river in Leatherhead on Tuesday 28th November. We saw a fox with a plastic jar stuck on its face. We called Leatherhead Wildlife aid and I stayed by the fox that was weakening and fell by the brambles. Hayley waited for help to arrive in the car park near by….They were brilliant and rescued the fox and pulled the jar off its face. I can’t seem to get an update so if anyone has any information about the fox surviving and being released back I would appreciate it.
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helen pitcher
3 Months ago
I don't recommend this place for the animal or for the human who is unfortunate enough to take it there. Expect the animal to be put to sleep and for a lecture on how cruel you've been in helping the poor thing in the first place and how ignorant and stupid you were. Expect to have your soul crushed and leave in tears wishing you had never gone there. Without exaggeration my partner was so traumatised by taking his rescue bird there today that we are currently in casualty with suspected heart attack. A complete lack of human empathy is hardly a good way to go about getting donations Shame on you Jackie.
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Jack Walsh
2 Years ago
I was redoing the floor in my shed and found a nest with a mother mouse and two newborn babies. Phoned up wildlife aid, they weren't able to give advice straight away as they had an open day and were very busy. I later received a voicemail with instructions on exactly what to do to allow the mouse mum to safely relocate herself and her babies. Very pleased, thank you for the advice wildlife aid!
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Paul Callaway
5 Years ago
I cannot recommend this place enough, an amazing bunch of animal lovers like me. Living in Horley, Surrey, I rescued a fledgling Crow that had been hit by a car and damaged its wing & leg. I took it home, let it rest, and then drove to Wildlife Aid that evening where they’ve taken it in and helped save its little life. Thank you so much for what you’ve done and I hope little ‘Charlie’ lives a long and save life x
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