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  • The Create Centre, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN
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Hi, we are Lifeskills of Bristol

Bristol, County Bristol, United Kingdom - Member since Jul 2018

Lifeskills is a Safety Education Centre. We are a registered charity offering interactive safety education to vulnerable groups across the West of England.

Every year, accidents kill around 14,000 people in the UK and injure more than 700,000 in England alone. Our goal is to prevent accidental death and injury by providing vulnerable groups with the skills they need to live safer, happier and more independent lives. Our realistic safety centre allows children, adults with learning difficulties and older people to experience potentially dangerous and difficult situations in a safe environment. Lifeskills has had over 180,000 visitors coming through the Centre since opening in 2000. We deliver important messages about water safety, drug education, safety by the railway line and much, much more all with wind, sound and light effects to make the Lifeskills experience memorable and impactful. All money from sales will go towards supporting this fantastic charity. Thank you!