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Tremendous UNIQUE Wife & Husband Sensual intimate massage experience
We are a genuine husband and Wife! We offer a non-guilt experience with all our services having a holistic basis, but with an intimate and sensual approach. What makes us extra special is the uniqueness of a husband-and-wife team, adding liberated, sensual elements, combined with our vibrant chemistry and experiences. This is our vocation, so we work with an understanding approach. NATURISM AND LIBERALISM is who we, Steve and Jane, are for those who want such experiences. For those who prefer less intimacy and to be draped that is ok. The price is the same, you are paying for our time, materials, knowledge and experience. not any adult reactions that may occur. Naughty but nice.

We are qualified in Tantra as well as in eight massages, beauty(nails, waxing, hair) and holistic services.

There are plenty of places saying they do Tantra, but in reality, it is just a happy ending. Nothing is learned that can give you a life changing experience that benefits you and those around you on a wonderful voyage of discovery!

Genuine Tantra is a philosophy and spiritual practise and can be seen as s.x therapy and unlike seedy s.x service HE parlours, clinical Salons, and Spa’s, Tantra helps clients unable to reach a Peak, Tantra helps those who struggle but also can help those that can to have better, more intense, and longer lasting orgasmic experiences (!). Tantra releases trauma and can use genital touching transfiguration, and also Tantra can help those with a range of medical conditions, mental health, and struggling survivors of abuse. This is something that Reiki, Yoga, High Street Salons and spas cannot do. Crucially, it is something that dubious places offering a Happy Ending cannot do either, and it is this distinction that differentiates Tantra as a sex therapy not a sex service even if the outcome may seem similar. Tantra delivers an amazing uplift ‘Wow, I cannot believe I did that!’! Many lie when they say it is Tantra and fools believe them. Genuine Tantra starts with an explanation with enlightenment of Tantra and why it is different to other holistic therapies, it can be done with meditation and not massage or both. Obtaining Tantra enlightenment is the manifestation of your highest consciousness, connecting you with the universal energy If you want to be sure if advertisers are offering genuine Tantra, compare our advert content and website with theirs. If they are lying / not genuine, you will find either no web site and / or no demonstrable evidence they understand Tantra. Ask them to explain Tantras holistic benefits!

If you have read this far, it is very much appreciated and a great start to connecting. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed, excited maybe and safe. We are not a conveyor salon or spa massage service. Nor are we the limp wristed seedy parlour with ladies (or men) who may be sex trafficked or working illegally and not paying HMRC. Be wary of such places often typified by poor English language skills; they are frequently linked with money laundering and drugs as well. By using such places where people are sex trafficked a sex crime is committed by the client or if they are working illegally in this country, a client is aiding and abetting fraud against HMRC. Such places are a deserved target of the police, and you really do not want to be associated with such places.

So make the right choice andsimply come to our home-based salon providing a personal loving and dedicated service 
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