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£ enquire Available day and night
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Available day and night in Brighton
Available day and night
Available day and night Trans Escorts in Brighton
Available day and night Trans Escorts
Available day and night in Brighton
Available day and night
Available day and night Trans Escorts in Brighton
Available day and night Trans Escorts

Available day and night

ad ref. FF33163BE
Brighton, East SussexUpdated 9 months ago

If you wish to see more head over to Instagram.

Instagram user ID - @NikitaBermy

**As of 1st June 2023**


Do not contact me asking when I'm available, what i can offer you, my prices, or my postcode. Its all listed here below.

It is not okay to contact me with no intention to use my service anymore. These types of calls get immediatley declined and blocked for my security and mental health. If you wish to pre arrange for an early morning or a future date then you have that privilege. A pre booking deposit of 25% ( £40) of the total rate is required to secure thetime of your choosing. This will be deducted from the total upon meeting. Example, up to an hour (£150) at 7am tomorrow morning would be £40 in advance and £110 in person. Should you need to cancel our meet your deposit is sent back to you as long as its not within 24hrs of our arrangead meeting time. Should I need to cancel for whatever the circumstance I will forward your deposit back to your account. I accept PayPal / bank transfer or Amazon gift voucher. PayPal is more discreet and only an email address is required to send or receive payments. So your personal details are not shared. Also banks have a duty to protect your personal information so should you need to send via bank transfer i will not see any of your account details. If applicable, make sure your online banking settings is set to withhold or edit details details manually. If you don't wish to then ONLY call me on the day you wish to meet with a 1hr notice minimum. This will not require a deposit. Its common to pre book hotels. The best thing about these fast moving times is that you have access to me and can meet at your convenience soley for your own pleasure. So take me seriously as I would take you.


*STD free tested on May 25th, 2023*

My name is Nikita. Currently based in Brighton BN1 2ED and travel regularly within UK, Scotland and Europe. (Can travel ONLY on pre booked arrangments AFTER at least 1incall meeting in person. I wont do outcalls on our first meet for my security. Travel expenses must be paid in advance via UBER app. I will only take payment in person NEVER prior. The travel MUST be paid on your end.

Fully Versatile 7inch cut. No body hair anywhere. I personally LOVE oral and Kissing. Can adapt to most fantasies and fetishes.

My NASTY has no limit, unless you give it one. X X X


Professional Sexpert and class all the way. If you prefer quality over quantity look no further with me. I make it my duty to always give you the 5 star experience you deserve. I aim to exceed your expectations. It is my motive to prioritise your pleasure. You will always be welcomed into a clean, fresh, calm and discreet atmosphere with full access to my bathroom (you'll have a clean towel, shampoo, deodorant, spare toothbrush, moisturiser and any other products. UNLIMITED beverages. Including bottled still and sparkling waters, soft drinks, beer, cider, wine, tea and coffee.

Please read the following for your peace of mind x

Looking for a stress free meet? Garunteed satisfaction. All 5 senses, not just touch and sight. Never with me will you feel undesired or taken advantage of. Everyone is entitled to feel desired and enjoy themselves. You will never be judged and I do not discriminate from any age, size, race, body weight, hieght, marital /relationship status or unique requests or preferences. My mind does not operate in the ways one would often stigmatise a girl who looks the way I do. I'm a bit of a goofball so you'll immediately feel at ease with me

Your discretion is my priority. You will never be contacted unless you ask me to do so.

I don't have a type since its very limited. Every person is uniquely made and no two people are the same. If you see yourself in a negative way please do not let that reflect on how I may see you. I love men. I like thick chubby slim tall short glasses bald grey toothless, doesn't matter. I love older men as well young. By nature im affectionate so you will be pleased that we've met. I will never pressure or force myself onto anyone. Consent is my promise to you.

I do however have high standards based on hygene and good manners. Please be kind! I treat everyone accordingly with good intentions. Any disrespectful behaviour towards myself or my household will result in termination of our session and may suspend any future arrangements. Any monies paid for hours in advance will be refunded to you and you'll be asked to leave. I was bullied as a child so to be treated in such a way as an adult is a trigger for me and I dont like bullies. I'm sure most people feel would do the same. Remember, just because you have the access to me doesn't mean that your entitled to me.

I lve in a luxury 1bed flat in the town centre. Only 10-12mins walk from station to my place door to door. No public transport required if visiting me. 4mins walk to the main high street and only 10 mins walk to the seafront. favours or treats not provided but you can bring your own. Smokers also welcomed.

You will be catered to and spoiled without having to ask since its my nature to nurture. The service goes beyond any physical pleasure. I appreciate anyone taking their time to meet with me so respectfully and naturally you will be treated with the dignity and respect I would expect if being recieved in someone's home.

I'm clean and tested regulary. Results as of 25/05/2023 are all clear. I'm a Pro-professional who takes care of health and well-being religiously. I enjoy safe sex and bareback EQUALLY. The conversation is always on intercourse being the only chance of infection. Its often because of lack of education on the safe sex do's and don't. Sex science only started about 100 years ago so obviously we was taught what we where taught... The reality is you can contract anything just from kissing, sharing a straw or sharing a cigarette. Remember Coronavirus? On that note please be able to provide proof of clinical results before in the event you are wanting bareback. I wont judge you based on looks, only with a text that says no further action required. I stay at the top of my mental, physical, and sexual health on an obsessive level. I want to ensure safety not on my part but more so you and anyone in contact with you thereafter. I'm very naughty, but I'm not dirty! :)

......What i find amusing is how people dont mind sharing sex toys or dildos but wont share a used toothbrush.... Thought that was pretty funny so I had to share!

Let me know how you like to play to avoid disappointment. Expressing what will give you pleasure should not be shameful in any way. Most times shame is something that is taught to us. As an adult you can reteach yourself than live by someone's traditional outdated way to live. Communication is so important and I can't read minds. My only intention is to give pleasure but I also want to enjoy myself with you. So tell me, meet me halfway. If you can't, just show me. Thats more than enough. Im not here to pressure or take from you. I want to give you an experience that will never leave your memory.

Im 5'10in tall, slim 30in waist, peach bum, smooth like silk from head to toe. A natural Trans body with little perky Fat little titties and a fat booty soft like a marshmallow. Not bragging! It'senjoyablefor me tocaress my bum regularly just because! Self love I call it. Also love being affectionate. I'm a romantic!

Your not obliged to do anything you don't want to do. We only do what you want and how you want, at your pace. I'm great with people and very patient. I don't want you to leave me until your completley satisfied. All I ask is you try not to abuse your power! You'll enjoy yourself in my company and in my home. My bed is massive and extremely comfy, try not to fall asleep lol. of fun. I like to think I'm pretty funny and love a good laugh. My sense of humour is dark and outside the lines so I won't take myself seriously let alone you.

Introverted, a great listener, educated, patient, naughty, trustworthy and professional. Spiritual but not religious. Will respect everyones beliefs and religions. If your the type of person (like me) who's willing to pay that little bit extra so you have the best quality that garuntees you are getting exactly what you came here for and more so fulfilled, you probably should meet me. Top grade satisfaction garunteed that will hopefully coming back for more. You can always expect any future meets will always be top tier and as pleasurable if not better as our very first meet.

Its common to feel nervous at first but that's normal. Im ALWAYS nervous especially inviting someone i dont know into my home. So i always try to arrange over the phone rather than texts. It gives both parties reassurance that your a somewhat decent and respectful person. By the time you leave me you'll be so happy that you came.

If your looking for regular meets, a quickie, an erotic massage, or just to try for a first time, whatever it is, I won't discriminate or reject you. Im very open minded. Enjoy dominating and kinky play as well depending on what you like to try. You can even dominate me should I be so lucky.. don't supply toys due to hygiene reasons. Happy for you to bring your own. I can supply lingerie if you want to dress up. Im a size 8 so if your large please be logical! Offer SM, role play, water-sports, leather, punishment, and even taboo/ extreme/ eroticism etc.. Preference wise I'm pretty simple.. what turns me on are men. I adapt to most fetishes and even extreme and bizarre scenarios. Great chemistry makes me cum. I love men who moans. That makes me squirt! Verbal is a plus. Always usually up for it unless I'm busy doing other things in my day as humans do like laundry or at church. (That was a joke.) I can meet at any time day or night. Please only contact me to arrange a meet. If you have a specific question and I did not specify in my info by all means ask me and I will respectfully give you an answer. But i wont engage conversation until we have met at least.

I also give SPA quality professional massages with organic oils (perfume/ fragrancefree). Your discretion is mandatory and respected at all times. You will never be called or contacted unless you get in touch first or I am expecting to meet you. I'm very private and your discretion, health and safety is my highest priority.

I have little limits so you will feel very comfortable enough to unwind and express yourself. We can do vanilla/ slow/ passion/ punishment/ verbal/ fantasy/ taboo/ worship/ etc.

Only downfall I don't own a car yet so cannot travel. Only pre-arranged transportation like train or taxi.

Consider myself to be extremely down to earth. I can make friends with anyone and often I do. Prefer my own company and i dont really like attention. Its cringe for me!

Let's enjoy each other.

What's the point of working hard endlessly year after year and not living or have fun at least for a small brief moment? Prioritise your pleasure by letting me prioritise your pleasure.

????Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts ????

Dont be cheap to yourself, treat yourself.

Thank you for reading


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