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Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning.
In our friendly home environment we provide ultrasound scanning for bitches from 25 days.

There is no shaving or anaesthetic required. Puppies can be detected as early as 21 days from mating,
heart Beats from 25 days.
With Sony Video Graphic Images printed for your records £40, rescan £20. Weekends and bank holidays £50
Ovulation testing service £35 with postal service available.
The service is offered as a guide to achieving the optimum mating time during the bitch's season, it is in no way a guarantee that your bitch will become pregnant.

It is however a most useful method of detecting cell change during which time ovulation occurs.

Included in this package are 3 sterile swabs and 1 sterile saline solution, and can be performed by appointment, or by postal service for your convenience.

For more information on this invaluable service call Val at Images

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