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Work in Eastbourne

has traJobs in Eastbourneditionally been based on tourism and leisure, with a third of all employees of the town in this industry at its highest point. Tourism still plays a large part of Eastbourne’s economy, as there is a market for more of a relaxing seaside break, as opposed to other South coast resorts such as Brighton. A lot of Eastbourne vacancies revolve around the leisure industry and so it is particularly good for those interested in tourism. However, that is not to say that there is no other type of work in Eastbourne. For more information on work in Eastbourne if you are looking to find jobs in Eastbourne, read on.
Working in Eastbourne – Tourism

Under the tourism umbrella, the hotel sub-sector is the largest. Along with this, restaurants and bars are increasingly successful and more development is on the way. Included in this is the new Cultural Centre that is due to open as a leading conference centre. The focus on conference hosting is improving the town’s economy and will increase the number of Eastbourne vacancies.
Find Jobs in Eastbourne – Public Sector

Public administration, education and healthcare claim 17,000 (33%) of all jobs in Eastbourne. The hospital and council are a big part of this. The demand for teachers in Eastbourne is anticipated to rise in the coming years as the popularity of the town for new families is increasing pupil numbers. Eastbourne vacancies are likely to reflect this growing demand so education staff of all kinds will be needed.
Working in Eastbourne – Manufacturing and Finance

Manufacturing is still a significant part of Eastbourne’s economy, particularly for pump and compressor production. Around 10% of jobs in Eastbourne belong to this sector, but trends are showing a reduction. The financial sector is fairly sizeable but there are not any significantly large corporations based there.
Find Jobs in Eastbourne
Working in Eastbourne definitely has its own specialities. Jobs in Eastbourne tend to be based more on tourism and education for the future. However, with its growing numbers of families and conference centres, different types of work in Eastbourne may start to emerge.