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What to consider when buying a dog or a puppy

Things to consider when buying a dog or a puppyDeciding to get a puppy or a dog can be an exciting prospect and to help you make the right decisions we’ve got some tips and advice about choosing and looking after your new four-legged friend.

When thinking about getting a puppy or a dog, people tend to think of the most obvious thing first: the cost. Not just the initial outlay, but the costs that continue throughout your pet’s entire life, like vet bills, insurance and general care. It all adds up and it can cause problems if your new pal needs medical attention which you cannot afford it. Early on you new pet may require jabs, micro-chipping and neutering but beyond that, dogs are as prone to mishaps and illness as any other animal. For a dog a broken leg is an expensive injury. It would be wise to consider insurance to cover any unexpected eventualities. As for day to day costs, dogs are no different to anyone else - they still need dinner even when the money’s tight. Make sure you’ve thoroughly considered the costs and whether you would be able to look after your new pet if things get a bit tight.

With this in mind, you need to be sensible when considering what type of dog to get. Try and think about suitability rather than just looks. A big dog will require a lot of food and a lot of walks, as well as preferably a big home and lots of space to get exercise. Some smaller dogs might need a lot of attention and may tend to get jealous of young children. Different breeds have different characteristics and requirements. It’s important to consider this when choosing the new member of your family and do some research accordingly.

When it comes to picking your puppy or dog, it’s important to find out as much as you can about the particular animal you are considering before taking him or her home. If you’re buying your puppy or dog from a breeder, ask to see the father and mother and take a look at the sort of environment they are kept in. Are you comfortable in the knowledge that they have been well looked after?

Getting a puppy or a dog from an animal rescue centre is a great way to find a loving friend a new home. However, it is often difficult to gauge the full picture of the animal’s history, which is why the recommendations of the carers are so important. If they think a puppy or dog you are considering is not suitable, it’s important to follow their advice.

Choosing your new pet can be difficult if you take the whole family. If you have children it might be best to look for a puppy or dog without them. It will be easier to make a clear judgement without children becoming emotional or getting attached. 

Spend some time with the animal, make sure it seems healthy and is playful and full of energy. You’ll have it for the rest of its life so it’s worth spending the time making the right decisions now. Once you’ve chosen your puppy or dog you can then introduce it to the family.

Above all your puppy will need time and attention. They will need training, walking, care, cleaning up after, patience and most of all love. Your dog could live for 15 years or more, so it’s a big commitment for anyone, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort owning a dog can be both enjoyable and rewarding.


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