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How to Look After Rabbits

How To Look After Rabbits
Rabbits are a very popular family pet as they are cute, loveable and fairly easy to look after. Looking after rabbits is something that children love to do and it is a good way to give a child some responsibility. Caring for rabbits needn’t be hard and they can have long and happy lives provided that are a few simple rules are followed. This guide outlines the best way of keeping rabbits.

Caring For Rabbits

• The first thing to do before you start caring for rabbits is to sort out their living area. You will need to either build or purchase a rabbit hutch that will be large enough the rabbit when it is fully grown. Somebody at the pet shop will be able to tell you how large your breed of rabbit is expected to be. A good hutch for keeping rabbits in will need a sleeping area that is private for the rabbit. The hutch needs to be big enough so that the fully grown rabbit can hop around inside.

• When looking after rabbits, make sure that you give them the correct diet. Specialist rabbit food is available from pet shops and this should be combined with hay. At night, give your rabbit some fresh green vegetables and make sure that the rabbit has plenty of fresh water at all times. Contrary to popular belief, lettuce is not good for rabbits, they will be much happier with carrots or cabbage etc.

• In the cage, give the rabbit some hardwood toys so that he can chew them and keep his teeth at a reasonable length. Provide a litter tray in each corner of the hutch. Rabbits like to relieve themselves in the corner of a hutch so they will be used and it makes cleaning out the hutch much easier.

• The hutch should be cleaned out every week, the straw should be changed and all soiled food and bedding taken out and disposed off. When keeping rabbits, do a deep clean of the hutch every few weeks. Removing any spilt food or hay will prevent mice and rats coming to claim the food.

• Rabbits love companionship and will love being with other rabbits or pets. If you keep two rabbits together, have them spayed or neutered or you will end up with lots of offspring. Keeping rabbits of the same sex (especially males) together may well fight if they haven’t been neutered. Some people argue that rabbits cannot be kept with guinea pigs while others say they make great companions.

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