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How To Look After Dogs

How To Look After Dogs
Dogs are fantastic animals and looking after dogs is great fun. Dog’s are known as man’s best friend for a reason as humans have been domesticating and keeping dogs for thousands of years. A lot of caring for dogs is common sense and with a few simple tips, you and your dog can have many happy years together. This guide outlines how to go about keeping dogs.

Caring For Dogs

• Much of caring for dogs is common sense. Dogs need feeding twice a day with a proper dog food, this can either be dried food or ‘wet’ food. Make sure that you feed your dog the correct type and amount of food for the breed. Larger dogs will need more food and a dog expert will be able to specify the correct dietary needs for your dog. They will need plenty of fresh water throughout their day as well as the ability to go outside to relieve themselves.

• Dogs are quite intelligent animals and they need plenty of exercise daily to relieve their natural energy, they will need at least two walks a day (one in the morning, and one in the evening), however some people give them a lunchtime walk as well. Dogs are quite intelligent and need mental stimulation. A bored dog will act out and become disobedient and destructive.

• Dogs strive to please their owners and this is what is used when it comes to training dogs. Part of keeping dogs in spending time with them interacting and most dogs are at their happiest when they feel they have a purpose, especially working dogs such as retrievers. Although fun, a dog still considers playing fetch ‘work’ and activities like this are a good way of keeping your dog stimulated.

• Part of caring for dogs is training them to be obedient and well behaved around people and other animals. Dogs love to please their owners and rewarding them every time they do something positive during training is the best way to ensure good results. If dogs think they are going to get a treat for doing something they are more likely to do it.

• When it comes to the dog’s health, you as the owner are in sole charge of that and part of looking after dogs is to ensure that their health is maintained. Dogs don’t have the benefit of being able to tell us when they feel ill so it is up to us to spot this.

• If you have experience in keeping dogs, you will be able to spot subtle changes in behaviour that may be a signal of something being wrong with the dog’s health. A change in activity level and/or appetite is nearly always an indicator that something is wrong with the dog.

• Dogs, unlike cats don’t groom themselves very much and seem to actively enjoy getting very dirty; as a result they can get smelly and will require periodically bathing. Part of looking after dogs is to keep them clean. How often you bathe the dog will depend on how dirty it gets, some working dogs will get very dirty and will need bathing more often than other dogs.

• When it comes to giving a dog a bath, you will need to use warm water in the bath tub and special dog shampoo that doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin. Make sure to rinse off all the shampoo so it doesn’t dry out the dog’s skin and avoid his eyes and face.

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